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15 Signs That Your Kidneys Aren’t Working Properly



Our Kidneys have a significant role in our life. It is responsible for removing waste products and excess fluid from our bodies. The Kidneys are also responsible for producing multiple hormones; one of these hormones help in the production of red blood cells, and the other hormone is accountable for organizing blood pressure and keeping metabolism. We should be sure that our Kidneys work in the right way because if they dont.. we will suffer from big health risk. There are 15 signs which show that our Kidneys do not work well and these signs are:

1. When we face troubles while we are sleeping:

If our Kidneys do not work in a good way, the toxins which exist in our bodies will not able to exit through the urine and it will remain inside the blood. The increasing of the number of toxins in the body will lead to troubles in sleeping and this may be a sign of chronic kidney disease.

Cautioning: when your doctor diagnosed you with chronic kidney disease, you will suffer from sleep apnea and maybe symptoms of migraine headaches. You will ask yourself what the meaning of sleep apnea is? Sleep apnea means that you will suffer from a sleeping disorder, which leads to one or several pauses of breathing during sleeping / mesothelioma symptoms . This may continue in anywhere from two seconds to more than one minute. This case will be considered dangerous and must doctor see it immediately.

2. Headaches, weariness and general weariness:

Healthy and properly functioning kidneys convert Vitamin D in our bodies to maintain strong bones and to produce a hormone called Erythropoietin (EPO). This hormone plays an essential role in the production of red blood cells. When kidneys don’t function properly, they produce less EPO. The decline of red blood cells (those that carry oxygen / mesothelioma prognosis) results in rapid fatigue of your muscles and brain.

Warning: It is common for people with Chronic Kidney Disease to have anemia. Anemia might start to evolve when someone has 20% to 50% of normal kidney function. If you’re getting enough rest and sleep, but continue experiencing feelings of tiredness, low energy levels and general weakness, you should visit your doctor without delay.

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