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The llama may bear the key to saving humankind from the Coronavirus

LLAMA antibodies can be key to confronting Coronavirus

French newspaper Le Figaro said that researchers announced that they had succeeded in isolating an antibody from the llama, suggesting that it would stop the emerging coronavirus (and its scientific name SARS Cove 2) causing Covid-19, and asked: Is this project going to be promising?

The newspaper pointed out that one of the female llamas – whom she called ‘Winter’, who lives with about 130 of her species and alpacas on a Belgian farm – is about to become a world star.

The newspaper pointed out that this four-year-old female has enabled the University of Gent’s molecular virus laboratory in cooperation with the University of Austin in Texas; By isolating an antibody it would form a barrier against Covid-19.

This antibody ‘can make the virus harmless, as we have noted in our laboratory research,’ says Xavi Silence — who runs the study published earlier in the scientific journal Cell — so does an antibody save a person from the Coronavirus?


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