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Skinny jeans is dangerous! A medical study warns of it. of skinny jeans


Wearing tight jeans increases the risk of cellulite (pixels)


A recent British study, published in the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Psychiatry, warns of the danger of wearing Skinny jeans on women’s health.

She added that narrow ‘skinny’ jeans cause a woman to become ‘Compartment Syndrome’, that is, to increase the pressure inside a space in the body that contains muscles and nerves, leading to a deterioration of blood flow.

This syndrome often occurs in the leg or arm, causing swelling and numbness.

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Wearing a “knife” increases the risk of “cellulite”, that is, the appearance of bumps on the skin of the thigh that look like an orange peel, due to the deterioration of blood flow caused by the pressure that the pants exert on the skin.

To avoid these serious health troubles, the study recommends that women wear comfortable jeans.

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