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Mind or intuition? .. your way to make the right decisions

If we can use intuition and reason harmoniously, we will move from the realm of intelligence to the realm of wisdom.

A person who enjoys intelligence and intuition together can solve life problems. When these two characteristics meet in one person, he can make the best decisions, because he uses both the power of the mind and feelings with a balance between them.

According to a report published by the Italian magazine ‘La Merinte Mirafiliosa’, the person who improves the combination of intelligence and the sense of intuition makes a difference in society, and the person with a quick wit can solve problems more effectively and make optimal decisions.

It is believed that intelligence and intuition are contradictory, as intelligence is a rational, logical and analytical mechanism of work, whereas intuition is often associated with non-scientific, and sometimes emotional, foundations.

The magazine referred to a group of famous books, such as ‘Blink of an eye … the power of thinking without thinking’ by Malcolm Gladwell, and ‘quick and slow thinking’ of the writer Daniel Kannman, encouraging one to make good use of intuition and intelligence together and pushing him to think better without having to spend a long time To hesitate about his decisions.

In this regard, the magazine’s report cites the opinion of Albert Einstein, who says that ‘reason and intuition are sacred divine gifts, and when the two systems work harmoniously, this means that we are moving from the world of intelligence to the world of wisdom.’

What intuition?

Intuition is spontaneous knowledge that is not subject to rationale, and some consider intuition to be able to guide a person. A study conducted by Dr. Jan Pritz at Elizabethtown University, USA, shows that approximately 90% of nurses use their intuition when making daily decisions at work because they know that this system directs them towards choosing the right decisions.

Courage and self-confidence

German Gerd Gigenzer, director of the Max Planck Institute for Human Development and one of the most important psychologists in the study of decision-making, believe that intelligence and intuition are two daily exercises that are able to put people in beneficial situations.

In his book, ‘Instinctive Decisions … The Unconscious Intelligence,’ Gigenzer explains that intelligent people listen to their intuition and emotions when choosing.

It also indicates that feelings deserve some attention and should not be neglected or denied, as the realization of reason and intuition stems from great courage and high self-confidence.

Employing intuition and ensuring that it works in perfect harmony with intelligence, allows individuals to enter the world of wisdom.

Enter the world of wisdom

Despite the development of the rate of intelligence and knowledge, the reality reveals a tendency among people towards neglecting intuition, although it helps them in making the right decisions quickly, and guides them on how to face daily challenges.

Therefore, it is necessary to know how to employ intuition and listen to it and ensure that it works in perfect harmony with intelligence, which will allow individuals to enter the world of wisdom.

Source: Italian press

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