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Sleeping is your way to losing weight… But beware of 5myths.



You may be surprised by the fact that sleep will help you lose weight, so how? Our answer. We’ll also show you five myths about weight loss that you should avoid in order to lose weight healthily.

In her report, published by the American website ‘Insider’, writer “Rachel Hussy” said that sleep is a very important matter for enjoying good health, especially since sleep deprivation negatively affects the mood of a person, not to mention the feeling of extreme hunger throughout the day.

The author emphasized the importance of sleep for weight loss, according to several studies that revealed the existence of scientific evidence to prove this. On this point, “Ben Carpenter”, a personal trainer, mentioned some various examples. He said, ‘One study compared the effects of sleeping for four hours during one night versus eight hours of sleep, and revealed that the shorter sleep duration coincided with higher levels of hunger and an increase of 559 calories. Caloric (i.e. 22%) of the food on average. ‘

‘Besides increasing appetite, it makes sense that sleep deprivation will cause you to eat more food because staying awake for a longer period provides more opportunity to eat,”Carpenter” added.




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