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The secret of the happiness of the Kingdom of Bhutan … the country of the dragon that only the adventurers know

The Bhutanese people describe their kingdom as ‘the country of dragons and legends’ (Al-Jazeera)

Adventurers and travel enthusiasts search for different tourist destinations, to discover places that cannot be seen through social media and in order to get to know societies of different cultures and diverse heritage. Among those less-traveled destinations comes the Kingdom of Bhutan, a town located in South Asia on the paths of the Himalayas and before the edge of the mountain A small space with breathtaking nature, stories, and legends known only to adventurers.

The Kingdom of Bhutan is one of the smallest kingdoms and countries on the world map, and its role as a country that promotes the development of national happiness and supports a free economy is highlighted, and Bhutan is considered geography close to the Tibetan societies, and its people follow the Buddhist religion, a kingdom that relies heavily on spirituality and myths in the formation of its society, customs, and traditions.

The government and people of Bhutan believe in sustainability and the importance of preserving nature, which the Kingdom sees as one of the most important ingredients for happiness among peoples, and not the industrial revolution as most countries of the world seek and does not measure success with the technological development that the Bhutanese believe that it kills a good mood, and measure success with their national happiness indicators.

Bhutan hopes to break the deadlock of technological development by 2023, as it plans to enter the environmentally friendly hydraulic electricity, where its people attach the highest and primary importance to the environment and nature even if at the expense of electricity, progress and production, and the town emits 1.5 million tons of carbon, which are negative carbon indicators. Forests absorb 6 million tons of carbon annually, but the nature of the country preserves the purity of the environment there despite its occurrence between China and India, the largest industrialized country in the world.

There is no doubt that preserving the primitive nature of the people and the government and making the environment their most important priorities is the main reason behind having Bhutan to have clean air, but the purity of air is not unique to the features of this charming country.

The laws and rituals of happiness

In order to preserve the nature of the clean environment, the Kingdom of Bhutan has issued a law that completely prohibits the cultivation of tobacco, the sale of tobacco, or smoking in public places, with the exception of only tourists who have to pay a very high tax to allow them to enter 100 cigarettes only during their journey.

The Bhutanese people describe their kingdom as ‘the country of dragons and legends’, and ranks among the happiest people in the world. According to the Global Happiness Index, the people of Bhutan are divided between very happy by 8%, happy by 42% and somewhat happy 50%, says Eric Weiner, a journalist in BBC The secret of the happiness of the Bhutanese people is that they contemplate the idea of ​​death five times a day until it became part of their lives.

The Bhutanese people have rituals of death, declaring mourning for the dead for 49 days, during which they practice meditation and dances that help overcome feelings of sadness and depression.

Buddha statue

The cost of the visit

A visit to the small kingdom may cost you a large amount, as it is one of the most expensive tourist destinations, perhaps you will pay in one day from 200 to 290 dollars, and the Bhutan visa is 40 dollars, which is compulsory for all nationalities except India and Bangladesh, the two peoples who enjoy many financial benefits in Bhutan.

And the high cost of the visit is not compared to staying in luxury hotels as is usual in tourist trips, but in the unique experience, as the Kingdom of Bhutan is environmentally friendly and against the sophisticated civilization that harms the environment.

So, you are in front of very modest tourist accommodations that tour guides describe as respectful but not luxurious, but in return, the tourist has a royal service in the Bhutanese hospitality, and everyone who visited these countries is a wonderful experience and is almost a lifetime journey.

Bhutan has stunning scenery and enchanting wild nature, which writers describe as the only place where tigers can be seen jumping between farmlands, and the open landscape – 7000 meters above sea level – blends with the wildlife of the Bhutan forests that extend in front of the sight.

Bhutan is close to the edge of a Himalayan mountain that no one has climbed because of the rugged summit road, but scenes of the Himalayas can be enjoyed from more than one side, in addition to festivals and spiritual activities for meditation and yoga enthusiasts.

Bhutan relies on tourists to pay taxes on the infrastructure needed for its renaissance, but in a way that does not harm the environment, and is considered the last country in the world that allowed television and the Internet for its people.

Trip planning

The high cost of that trip can be reduced by forming groups to travel, as the Bhutan government provides a discount of $ 40 for groups, it is also possible to plan to travel from Nepal, and book airline tickets in advance, as many negative comments appeared on bus travel to Bhutan, as the duration of time It is more than 15 hours on the road, plus the road is mountainous and unpaved, so flying is the best option.

The state guarantees providing everything through the daily amount of food, drink, accommodation and a tour guide. Many travelers described the Lonely Planet site that they visited Heaven on Earth, and that the nature of Bhutan is different from all the countries of the world that they visited before.

Source: Al-Jazeera, websites

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